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Epilog Sequel

The most comprehensive, flexible, and powerful administration system for cemeteries and crematoria

You won't need anything else:

  • Epilog Sequel's comprehensive core system caters for every task - with Epilog Sequel installed, you won't need to use another program.  Send headed letters from its Word Processor, send emails, make bookings in its diary, generate reports for financial audit, create work orders; manage all your day to day tasks in one place

  • Support for our users, support for our system - our experienced, helpful, and professional technical staff are available to support you throughout the working day, contactable by phone and by email.  Our developers are constantly improving Epilog Sequel and our system is regularly updated and patched.

  • Backed up and secure - whether you choose to host your system internally or whether you host with us, your data is always backed up and kept secure.


Epilog Sequel has been developed over years in conjunction with experienced bereavement services staff, and is designed to handle any task any cemetery or crematorium needs. 

Over 50 modules to take care of every task, such as:

  • Epic - advanced mapping system that shows grave locations, links to interment and purchase information, and searches and displays graves by criteria such as sold, empty, full, etc.

  • Erasmus - risk assessment for memorials designed to be used on site in the palm of your hand.  Erasmus logs inspection data, analyses results, produces documents needed to deal with dangerous memorials, creates inspection records, and more.

  • Shazam - creates reports as simple or sophisticated as you need from the information stored in Epilog Sequel.

  • 24hr Booking- enable funeral directors to book, amend, or cancel cremations and burials over the internet.

  • Epistle - add digitised images to your Epilog Sequel records.


With over 50 separate modules, all designed and tested to work seamlessly with the core system, you can build the Epilog system you need.

'One Size' never fits all:

  • Epilog is designed for YOU -  with Epilog Sequel, our customers enjoy the benefits of a tailored, bespoke system at an 'off the shelf' cost.  All Epilog Sequel modules are developed to work together and modules can be added or removed at any time as needs change.

  • Only what you need, when you need it - there are as many ways to run a cemetery or crematorium as there are cemeteries and crematoria.  Where off the shelf systems offer a 'one size fits all' solution, with Epilog Sequel you only pay for the modules that are relevant to you and your business.

  • Major investment at a realistic price - a system tailored to your specific needs at an off-the-shelf price, with long term, continued support and development.


One powerful program to meet all of your needs, enabling you to deliver the very best in complete service and efficient management

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